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LAST Payment due to FMPA on April 15th!

Tour to
Vancouver, BC 

Heritage Festival

 May 25-28, 2023


Symphonic Choir


Canterbury Belles

Saxon Knights


Make Checks out to FMPA and bring in an envelope to the choir room FMPA mail box

If you are not caught up to Worldstrides by April 1st, you will be dropped from the trip!!

If you still need to make a Payment to Worldstrides:

Click for a detailed Payment Guide!


  • Click Here to visit our online payment site

  • Enter your 6 Digit Trip ID Number: 198100

  • Select “I want to make a payment toward an individual’s balance”

  • Select “Make a Payment” and follow prompts

Payment Dates

  • Nov 15 to Worldstrides - $145

  • Dec 15 to Worldstrides- $145

  • January 15 to Worldstrides- $145

  • February 15 to Worldstrides- $145

  • March 15 to FMPA- $135

  • April 15 to FMPA- $135

  • TOTAL: $850


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